1. What should I expect at my first training session?

Expect to feel like you have been at Forsa Training for years. If you have not worked out in years or are new to a group training gym, you will feel a bit nervous. That is perfectly normal. That will go away after the first 5 minutes you enter the gym. Here is why… owners and trainers will formally introduce themselves and will welcome you to your first training session, current members (or as we like to call them, athletes) walk into Forsa Training with a positive and friendly attitude that is contagious and will make you feel comfortable, and finally the trainer will introduce you to the class and will pair you up with one of our experienced athlete/ambassadors. The training is designed to have you moving during the entire period therefore expect the 45 minutes to fly by fast. You will be challenged but in a very safe way. We do not believe in making you feel pain, or making you puke, or pushing you beyond your limit, especially on your first day.  We want you to come back healthy and mobile, ready for your next training session. During the workout, expect the trainers’ undivided attention. She/he will guide you every step of the way and will be making sure that you are performing every exercise with good form and at the appropriate level. The Forsa Training athlete/ambassador that we pair you up with will also be there to lend a helping hand when you need it.  We do expect you to work hard.  You will leave the gym happier, with more energy and with more confidence than when you walked in. The nerves you had when you walked in will turn to excitement for your next class.


2. What does a typical class look like?                                                                                                   

Training begins promptly at the scheduled time. Training begins by rolling out with foam rollers and stretching or by performing dynamic warm-ups, both are led by the coach and done as a team. The workout of the day is written on the white board and the equipment is out and organized on the mat. The coach thoroughly goes through the workout and every exercise including 2-3 modifications for each one.  Rounds usually last between 30-60 seconds with a 5-10 second rest in between. The workout itself is between 20-30 minutes long with a team finisher at the end. After your workout, the coach will lead you through a cool down which includes stretching with bands, rolling on foam rollers and stretching on the ground.


3. What do I need to bring my first day?

Bring a clean pair of gym shoes and a great attitude!


4. How big are your classes?

Group training averages between 6-12 per class. We max out the class at 12.


5. Do you cancel group training if only 1 person is shows up to train?



6. Do coaches modify workouts? 

Absolutely. Coaches will modify every workout 2-3 different ways. You will workout the same muscle group but in a different way. Our athletes are required to roster themselves for class. This helps coaches prepare specialized modifications for clients with injuries or limitations.


7. Are your coaches certified?

Yes, all group training coaches are certified through a nationally accredited program.  You pay enough money to get the best and most qualified trainers around.


8. Do I need previous martial arts experience to participate in your Kickboxing class?

No. We do not spar nor is it a contact class. You will learn to punch, kick, knee and elbow on a bag and pad correctly and safely.



Group Strength/Metabolic Training

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