Athletes don't worry about weight loss when they train. They focus on strength, endurance, flexibiity, power and mobility. Group training members train like athletes.


You will build muscle and strength throughout your entire body during each 45 minute session. The women and men you will workout with are swinging kettlebells, lifting dumbbells, flipping tires, jumping rope, pulling resistant bands, pushing sleds and slamming weighted balls. They have no time or energy to think about weight loss. They are busy getting stronger! Weight loss is simply a bonus. 


All of your training will incorporate non-traditional and traditional equipment used to maximize your bodies natural six degrees of movement. Forsa Training believes in functional training which encompasses movements that you do in your everyday life. This style of training allows you to live a better quality of life outside of the gym. 


Coaches will modify every exercise to your ability without losing its purpose. You will workout the same muscle groups as the person next to you, but in way that fits your ability.  


You will have a fun time! You will workout with a great group of women and men who encourage and inspire each other to train hard, but at the same time have a great time!




Group Strength/Metabolic Training

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Forsa Training