Are you hesitant about trying us out?

Our Promise to You:

Some gyms will promise that you will lose 50lbs in 6 months or that you will get the body that you always wanted. We don't. 


Our promise to you at your starting point is that we will provide you with a space, trainers and a community that will encourage you to appreciate your body and what it can do now! If you don't appreciate what you have now, you will never be happy with what you will get later. This will set you up for long term success. 

1. Gain knowledge and confidence that you can train at your pace and comfort level.

2. Adapt the right mindset that you DO deserve to be an active member of society.

3. Start slow and steady in order to progress without injury or setbacks.

Goals: This is what we will help you achieve your first 3 months

Some words from Maureen who was once where you are...

"I had tried many things in the past. From diets, to workout programs to personal trainers. Nothing really stuck or made me feel good about what I was doing. This made me not want to try out anything else for a couple of years. I had given up on the fitness industry. 


Forsa Training staff came by my job and talked about their facility during our lunch hour. I thought " comes another gym with it's fads and empty promises". No out of this world promises, no fads. Actually, they did the opposite. They were honest, transparent and real. The moment they said that motivation is not what they do, that it's a feeling that only last so long and gets you so far, I was all ears because that is what others have sold me on. The only two things they promised were that I would always feel better after every workout and that the community they had would be supportive and fun. 


I remember the first day I left my house to try out Forsa Training. It was 5:00AM and I was feeling sick to my stomach and wanted to cry. I was so nervous and frankly scared that they would make me feel uncomfortable and would make me do things I wasn't ready to do. 


There were many reasons why I wouldn't have tried out my first class. When I arrived the back door was locked. I said "great, the gym is closed, I can leave". But, I didn't. I walked to the front and saw a man in the class. I was ready to leave again because I thought I would feel uncomfortable. Before I could leave, Maria (the owner and head coach) came running towards me to open the door.  


Fear of the unknown and of past experiences could have kept me away from this place, but I stepped through those doors and it was different. I told Maria that I was not ready to get on the floor. Instead of pushing me to try it or to embarrassing me and making me do what everyone else was doing, she listened to my needs and modified the workout and warmup for what I was ready to do. This, along with the amazing people who at one point were in my shoes that were there training with me, made me feel like I was welcomed and like I was already a member of Forsa Training. 


After two months, I was already up and down off the floor without hesitation or fear. I was even planking for 2 minutes straight and deadlifting! Don't let fear prevent you from trying our Forsa Training! This place is the real deal and is a breathe of fresh air!"

Next Steps: Choose how you want to take your next step!

1. Call/Email Us! Ask as many questions as you want. This process can be scary and nerve wrecking, especially the first day you show up. We want you to feel ready for your first day. Give us a call at 708. 572. 0058 or email us at and ask as many questions as you want!

2. Meet Us! Set up a time to come by the gym to meet us and to check out the space before trying us out. This may help you get a feel for who we are , what we do and why we are who we are. Give us a call at 708. 572. 0058 or email us at to schedule a time for an in person chat. 

3. Contact Maureen! Maureen also started where you are starting and she can answer many questions that you may have. Email us at and let us know that you would like her to contact you, a number where she can reach you and a best time during the day you can talk. 

4. Try Us Out! If you are comfortable enough already or have taken one or more of the steps above, sign up for a specialized trial that will help you get the confidence you need to love fitness here!


Group Strength/Metabolic Training

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