Do you struggle to stay consistent?

Our Promise to You:

Some gyms will sell you the most expensive package the gives you the most classes per month, we don't. If you struggle making it to sessions on a consistent basis we will create an opportunity for you to start at a good pace which will allow you to make fitness part of your lifestyle!


Our promise to you at your starting point is that you will train in a safe, fun and encouraging environment and will see healthy progress in order to gain the momentum to train on a consistent basis (2-3x per week)

Goals: This is what we will help you achieve your first 3 months

1. Determine the right training plan for you that will keep you consistent.

2. Set up a progression plan for you that will help you track your individual goals.

3. Create a connection with other members who can encourage you when you hit a wall, because we all hit a wall at some point and need others to help us during the process.

Some words from Katie who was once where you are...

"Before Forsa Training I would skip around from program to program, not really sticking with something long term. I would either get bored of it or it would no longer be fun, becoming more like a chore.


I am now going on my third year with Forsa! I am now consistently training three times a week. The reasons why I have been able to make this part of my lifestyle are because of the encouraging community I belong to at the gym, the culture at Forsa has shown me how to love my body now, so I can love my body later when I start seeing changes and the training is like no other!


First of all, my fellow members and the trainers at Fora Training are real people just like me. They have families, busy work schedules, good and bad days, and struggles like mine. We all understand each others challenges and barriers when it comes to this thing called fitness. There is no judgment nor are there egos...only people who genuinely want to help each other. These same people also make you want to show up because showing up IS the hardest thing. You miss their smiles, jokes, encouragement and stories. Secondly, the culture at Forsa Training makes you fall in love with your body as it is now. The people, trainers and training program focus on celebrating your daily achievements and abilities. Your personal goals become an added bonus! Lastly the training is awesome! You feel like a badass when you deadlift your own bodyweight or when you learn to swing kettlebells. The strength training focus is like no other because you gain the confidence to walk into any other gym and know exactly what to do. Additionally, you learn how to train smart and safely, which will keep you injury free and progressing at a healthy rate"

1. Call/Email Us! Ask as many questions as you want. We know that you have tried many programs in the past and are a bit skeptical about fitness. Give us a call at 708. 572. 0058 or email us at and ask us those hard questions that other gyms will avoid like "why has the industry failed me or how will you help me turn this into a lifestyle change?"

2. Meet Us! Set up a time to come by the gym to meet us and to check out the space before trying us out. This may help you get a feel for who we are , what we do and why we are who we are. Give us a call at 708. 572. 0058 or email us at to schedule a time for an in person chat. 

3. Contact Katie! Katie also started where you are starting and she can answer many questions that you may have. Email us at and let us know that you would like her to contact you, a number where she can reach you and a best time during the day you can talk. 

4. Try Us Out! If you are comfortable enough already or have taken one or more of the steps above, sign up for a specialized trial that will help you figure out the right program that will help you stay consistent here!

Next Steps: Choose how you want to take your next step!


Group Strength/Metabolic Training

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Forsa Training