"The energy in the gym and the workouts are so much fun while challenging that I don't mind the fact that I'm there at 5:15am! Maria is so creative with her workouts and in tune with her clients needs. She's very knowledgeable and passionate about creating a better more healthier lifestyle for her clients. I can go own signing her praises but I won't, instead I encourage everyone to try FORSA for themselves, you won't be disappointed!" - Lita W.

"I love working out at Forsa Training.  Maria is one of the best trainers in the business.  Class sizes are limited so she can give each client her full attention.  She pays close attention to form and always shows modifications for people with different issues (i.e.,back problems, shoulder problems, etc.).  The workouts are always different, so you are always being challenged.  The facility is laid out very well and every inch of the gym is used for different workouts.  Maria is also very motivating and a great example of how to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle which I find very important in a trainer.  The weekly recipe emails, seminars and extra Sunday workouts are an added bonus when you join the Forsa Training family."  - Pam N. 

"Forsa has challenged me to be an overall healthier person. Since joining the Forsa Family, I've become both physically and mentally stronger. Forsa has the best clients! We work together as a team to help each other reach goals, push each other when needed but most of all we are their to celebrate each other's successes! Forsa is SO much more then a gym, it's a group of people who push each other to be healthy and happy. The trainers at Forsa  make working out fun and are also educating us on how to make our lives better. I have become a stronger woman because of Forsa!"  - Jennifer L.

"Finding Forsa Training was a godsend. I've struggled with my weight my entire life. At Forsa it is not about the number on scale, it is about becoming stronger inside and out. Maria is not an ordinary trainer She will push a person to where he or she never thought they could go. As someone with a physical disability, I have made remarkable strides since starting at Forsa; surprising even my doctors." - Gabriela S

"Maria and Alex are great people, the training environment, at Forsa makes you want to keep returning. Professional, clean, available parking, bright and the training is challenging, anyone of any age can complete the training." - LaSandra G. 

"I receive an excellent workout three days a week. I always feel challenged and look forward to each session. Very easy to schedule and cancel sessions, but plenty of time options to choose from regardless of your work schedule." - Josh W. 

"The most personal group training ever... I look forward to going back each time! Maria really mixes it up so classes never feel the same... I am proud to be a member at Forsa and look forward to including focusing on bettering my nutrition along with training hard to achieve my goals in the coming year! Thank you Maria for all you do!"  - Sandra K.

"Amazing training. Maria makes you want to work out. The attention to details and enthusiasm is contagious." - Tisha N,

"Guaranteed to get addicted.Great place, great people!!!" - Ken N.

"Awesome people and Maria is the bomb." - John H. 

"Been an athlete all my life but due to numerous body parts falling off (18 surgeries) I had to put organized sports on the shelf.  But having good doctors and a great staff at Forsa I am not only able to workout at an intense and challenging level but I benefit for the muscle that stabilizes all of the body areas that have been obliterated (new knees, fused back and neck, and on and on).I like the location and the lead trainer Maria is phenomenal.  One day, I had to laugh, she corrected me 6-times.  From her constant critiquing I have become much better and doing things correctly and therefore gaining greater benefit.  She does not let me cut corners.  She is very thorough, studied, enthusiastic, and quite a little wonder herself.  I could imagine her on American Ninja, Spanish Version.I like Sunday workouts too.  That at regular Challenges where you have a defined set of exercises and you have to see how many you can do in 20-minutes.  It is a beyatch.  But you can gauge your progress.  After I had my neck fused I lost most of my upper body strength and couldn't even do 1 pull-up.  Now I can do several lickity split.  Push-ups are getting better too with my goal being 500 (misprint, meant 50, but not 5).  My wife and I go together and it is gratifying to get a physically demanding workout at 5 AM.  You feel like you are getting somewhere--being held to a higher standard.  I've often read where people who join a gym as a New Years Resolution on average go for ... 5-weeks.  Well Laddy Frickin' Da.  Yes, you will pay more for a supervised Boot Camp--BUT IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY (Peso).  These $10 gyms are silly and most people do not have the discipline to keep going on a regular basis.  At Forsa we do and will continue to do so.  If money ever became an issue I wouldn't quit I would sell a lawn mower on Craigslist to keep going to Forsa!  They are ZZZZZ BEST!" - Norm P.

Forsa Training is a bright, clean, energetic space to go work out at. The trainer and co-owner, Maria Torres, is very knowledgeable, encouraging, and works as hard as her clients do! The group training sessions are challenging but completely doable, and can be modified based on your level of capability. Every day the session is different, and interesting, as well as fun! Forsa provides a variety of equipment - TRX, stability balls, kettle bells, bands, etc - all used to work out various aspects of your body. And most of all, Maria believes in safety and form above all else - she is vigilant that no one injures themselves through patiently demonstrating and correcting how you execute the exercise. I highly recommend this facility if you are looking for a worthwhile place to work out!! - Karen G. 

Forsa is a small town gym that packs a giant punch!! I love the boxing class!! I'm looking forward to the new best of both world class. High intensity!!! Wow!! Great place and awesome people!!! - Annette R.


No other training group makes you feel more supported and welcome than Maria and Alex! Excellent encouragement you wouldn't get any place else!! Over the last five years I have tried programs at other gyms in the area including personal training, group training and working out independently. With Forsa Training, I have found my permanent home. Maria and Alex welcome you with open arms, listen to your goals and encourage you every step of the way. Just when you don't think you can do "just one more", trust me you can and you will with Forsa trainers!!!! The gym is clean with an encouraging environment with members you develop friendships with amazing people with the same goals as yourself. I highly encourage you to give Forsa a try, you certainly won't be disappointed!!- Dina G.

Maria is amazing! I always look forward to my classes! - Irma A.

 I have trained with Maria in the past. She is by far the BEST !! and one of the sweetest people. - Linda M.

It took a lot of courage to walk in the door because I was so out of shape.  After four months of consistent work outs, I have to say I am never bored, always challenged and am really enjoying feeling stronger, more fit and ready to take on any challenge!  The 45 pound weight loss is an added bonus!  I really appreciate that the focus is on fitness for all abilities and the supportive environment is magical.  Your workout partners inspire you and help move you along on your fitness journey.  Thanks to Maria and Alex for fostering this highly professional and nurturing environment.  The passion they feel for Forsa is contagious.  Make no mistake, Maria will work you hard, but she will do it in a very safe and supportive way.  One time during a particularly challenging work-out I called her evil.  She looked at me and said, "I'm not evil.  Evil is telling you that you CAN'T do it.  I tell you that you CAN."  She is absolutely right, and I am so thankful that I didn't go the big commercial gym route and chose a place to train that really gives personal attention and celebrates my small successes.  Oh, and the gym and equipment is kept spotless, which really means a lot. - Sandy B.

I just completed a 24 personal training session with Maria. I have gained not only strength but knowledge of what workout I'm doing and how to do it properly. Maria is very focused on preventing injury with good form. She also gave me a list of workouts that we have done with lots of information about it so that I can have a guide to keep. I have worked with three other trainers two of which that were at a big popular chain ( I don't know if I can name it hint: X marks the spot lol) and they do not have the drive and obvious love for what they are doing like Maria does. Her group training is also a very good workout with different workouts all the time. The gym is very well kept and clean which is also a plus. All in all the best gym I have been to where everyone is at a different level, have fun, workout without the big gym crowds! I will definitely do another personal training session with Maria as soon as she can, to further my knowledge of the workouts and my fitness. - Elizabeth A.

I love that the classes are small and it's a family environment. There is no pressure and the trainers work with your goals! Not theirs. Very encouraging. They make you want to come back! - Erica B.


Group Strength/Metabolic Training

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