Forsa Training was created out of a simple idea…living an active lifestyle shouldn’t be complicated or temporary, it should be fun, engaging and inspiring.  Forsa Training is a community with extraordinary people and training. Becoming an active individual is not easy…we know that. Our focus is not loss, it is progress. Questions that we ask are how much stronger are you, how much more endurance do you have, how much more flexible are you and how many more push-ups can you do? The loss comes when it doesn’t become the focus. We have designed a program and environment where you will enjoy the journey and forget about the destination. You will get to where you want to get without even realizing it.


This method will get you to become a lifelong athlete and will change the way you forever think about fitness. Our goal is to increase your strength, mobility, endurance and power. This will help you enjoy playing with your children, release stress, sleep better, have more energy, and overall have a better quality of life. Everything we do has a purpose and everyone who joins has her/his purpose to putting in the work day in and day out.


Group Strength/Metabolic Training

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9637 Southwest Highway, Unit #2

Oak Lawn, IL 60453
Tel: 708.572.0058

Forsa Training